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Soundcloud, over 10 million users already

October 31, 2013

Compared to other famous service providers, who we can see making headlines. SoundCloud is slowly and silently getting up the ladder of success by becoming the most appreciated digital music company throughout the world.

It is astonishing as how suddenly SoundCloud has reached a number of 10 million users compared to back when SoundCloud was put together in the list of 5 digital companies to lookout for, by the Billboard biz in July 2010, at that time SoundCloud had only a number of 1.2 million users. Their number increased by 5 million by the month of June in the next year. read more …

Best Rock Instrumental Songs

September 8, 2013
Santo & Johnny

Cover of Santo & Johnny

Dance band introduced Rock and Roll when improvements in audio technology made it convenient for small combos to boost a party or club. Hence it was only obvious that instrumental hits, already a ’50s staple in jazz with classics would advance into a rock-based form. Here are the revolutionary instrumental rock hits of the 1950s, songs which seemed like innovative at the time but which went on to lay the essential for soul, the British Invasion, surf, and more!
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